Close your eyes and imagine that you have just created the best PowerPoint presentation of your life. You think to yourself, this presentation is really awesome, but it would be amazing if I could make this interactive by adding a survey, or quiz. Then, because you like to dream big you realize you want to add this presentation to your school’s website and share it with the rest of the world.

Now you’re talking, but PowerPoint presentations aren’t interactive and they don’t offer embed code, so adding them to your school’s website is not an easy task.

If you want to easily add videos, courses, slideshows, screencasts and more to your website, then I have the perfect FREE tool for you. IgniteCast is a presentation composition tool that you download to your desktop. They offer two versions:

  • The standard edition is perfect for creating and sharing online presentations.
  • The Professional edition is great for creating E-learning courses, software demos and quizzes.

Both of these versions are available for free on their site.

Using IgniteCast you create interactive presentations by combining videos, digital photos, webcam recordings, PowerPoint slides and even add narration, or background music. IgniteCast features a PowerPoint-like interface, so it’s really easy to use. Once you’re done, upload the presentation to IgniteCast and share the link to the presentation, or even embed it on your own website!

This tool would be perfect for an event promotional video on your schools website, or a virtual tour and presentation for the school. Teachers could create presentations with online quizzes or surveys at the end for students, or parents.

Learn more by checking out this presentation for IgniteCast 3.0

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