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South By Southwest’s Education Conference and Festival welcomes education professionals, and some of the brightest minds in edtech, to Austin, Texas. SXSWedu is a massive conference that pushes participants to connect, collaborate and create change in education. Participants range from teachers, administrators and professors to policy makers, foundations, startups, presidents of large publishing companies and […]

Here at Edlio we strive to create the best School Website CMS around. To do this we need a talented team of developers who never stop exploring computer science, even after they have degrees in hand. As a leading tech-company, we recognize how important it is to encourage future students to study computer science, so […]

Meet Edlio Team Member, Qiana Patterson. Okay, maybe she isn’t a movie star, but it’s likely you recognize her name because Qiana is Edlio’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). It’s her signature you see at the bottom of any official Edlio correspondence, but she does way more than just sign important documents. Now, it’s time to learn all […]

It’s widely acknowledged that today’s tech-savvy students learn differently than students in the past. Teachers know it’s necessary to reach their students in the most effective way and that’s where EdTech takes center stage. EdTech, the acronym for Education Technology, is a growing topic and full of an expanding set of terminology. If you don’t have a new year’s resolution yet, […]

Thanksgiving is a holiday full of traditions, and for many, it means a great feast with friends and family. Regardless of your traditions it’s important to recognize that Thanksgiving is a holiday with two parts – “thanks” and “giving.” Most recognize the first part means expressing gratitude for everything we have and remembering what’s important in […]

I use Twitter and think it’s a great way to keep informed and learn about topics of interest, but a friend of mine recently told me they just don’t understand how Twitter is worth anyone’s time. Twitter is like a newspaper that is being written in real time by people I find interesting. During the conversation my friend pointed out that tons of people are raving about how Twitter is great for Professional Development, but she just finds it confusing, limited, and a waste of time. This conversation got me thinking. Is Twitter really a valuable tool for educators? I seem to think so, but she is a tech savvy teacher and doesn’t find a use for it. So, what’s going on here?

It’s been too long since our last “Meet an Edlio Team Member” post. For those of you just joining us, the “Meet Edlio” series let’s the world get to know our employees a little better. For some of our customers this is their first chance to see many of the friendly faces that they talk to each day. Next up to bat is Andrew Marenbach!

“Spike,” the nickname we gave the lion in our logo, has always been a fierce competitor in the underground mascot world and now our logo was recently awarded Silver in the Education Category from the Brands Of The World Logo Awards.

Close your eyes and imagine that you have just created the best PowerPoint presentation of your life. You think to yourself, this presentation is really awesome, but it would be amazing if I could make this interactive by adding a survey, or quiz. Then, because you like to dream big you realize you want to add this presentation to your school’s website and share it with the rest of the world.

Whether or not we want to admit it, we have all been tempted to watch the cute video of the cat playing the piano, or the bull dog skateboarding on YouTube. That video actually inspired me to try and teach my bulldog to skateboard (with no luck). The fact is that YouTube videos have inspired and educated tons of people. Educators have long been aware of the educational possibilities that YouTube has to offer, but it was nearly impossible to prevent student’s from accessing all of those cat videos, and the rest of the YouTube library. With that in mind, many schools and districts block YouTube.

Now YouTube offers a solution to this problem with the new YouTube EDU and YouTube for Schools.