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Close your eyes and imagine that you have just created the best PowerPoint presentation of your life. You think to yourself, this presentation is really awesome, but it would be amazing if I could make this interactive by adding a survey, or quiz. Then, because you like to dream big you realize you want to add this presentation to your school’s website and share it with the rest of the world.

Whether or not we want to admit it, we have all been tempted to watch the cute video of the cat playing the piano, or the bull dog skateboarding on YouTube. That video actually inspired me to try and teach my bulldog to skateboard (with no luck). The fact is that YouTube videos have inspired and educated tons of people. Educators have long been aware of the educational possibilities that YouTube has to offer, but it was nearly impossible to prevent student’s from accessing all of those cat videos, and the rest of the YouTube library. With that in mind, many schools and districts block YouTube.

Now YouTube offers a solution to this problem with the new YouTube EDU and YouTube for Schools.

These day kids don’t simply go online; they are online.

Today’s “plugged-in” children are busy texting, playing video games, streaming video and connecting with their friends on social networking sites. While digital media and the Internet seem to be second nature for school aged kids, understanding how to interact responsibly in the Web 2.0 world isn’t.

Videos, Videos, And More Videos

People LOVE videos, so let’s give them what they want. YouTube alone streams 1.2 billion videos a day! Adding videos will increase the amount of time the community spends on your school’s website. Plus most people remember videos better than written words.