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Our hearts don’t bleed

by Andrew Merenbach

One of the most amazing things about the Internet (other than our Web sites, of course) is the convenience it brings with it: contact the kids' teachers, pay your bills, watch cat videos on YouTube, buy a new laptop. Just as you might use a security envelope before putting a check through the mail, you probably wouldn't want your credit card number or passwords going through the Web without some additional protection.  Thankfully, your Web browser already supports encrypting your traffic while it's in transit, making it very difficult for anyone to figure out what you've typed. Over the last few days you may have heard about a software bug called "Heartbleed," which affects a large number of servers on the Internet.  This bug allows an eavesdropper to figure out some of the most important information in a secure transaction, making encryption effectively useless.  While it hasn't affected all Web sites, it did affect some of ours. As a precaution we have installed the relevant software updates on affected servers.  We have taken the additional step of replacing our SSL certificates to protect future communications. Currently there is no indication that our systems were compromised.  We encourage you to change your passwords, just to be safe. Happy travels on the Internet!  Now relax with some pictures of puppies.

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