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Welcome to the space we carved out of the Internet for sharing.

Three years ago we embarked on a very courageous idea, creating websites that schools and districts love. We coined the tagline “fast. beautiful. easy.” and used it as a guide as we scaled up and advanced our mission.

Over the last few months, we’ve been analyzing our features and re-imagining what they do, how they behave and how to make them better.  We also looked at products that we didn’t necessarily believe were adhering to our “fast. beautiful. easy.” guideline. Read more →

One of the most amazing things about the Internet (other than our Web sites, of course) is the convenience it brings with it: contact the kids’ teachers, pay your bills, watch cat videos on YouTube, buy a new laptop.

Just as you might use a security envelope before putting a check through the mail, you probably wouldn’t want your credit card number or passwords going through the Web without some additional protection.  Thankfully, your Web browser already supports encrypting your traffic while it’s in transit, making it very difficult for anyone to figure out what you’ve typed.

Over the last few days you may have heard about a software bug called “Heartbleed,” which affects a large number of servers on the Internet.  This bug allows an eavesdropper to figure out some of the most important information in a secure transaction, making encryption effectively useless.  While it hasn’t affected all Web sites, it did affect some of ours.

As a precaution we have installed the relevant software updates on affected servers.  We have taken the additional step of replacing our SSL certificates to protect future communications.

Currently there is no indication that our systems were compromised.  We encourage you to change your passwords, just to be safe.

Happy travels on the Internet!  Now relax with some pictures of puppies.

We are very excited to announce that Google calendars can now be “actively imported” into your Edlio site. You no longer have to deal with that unsightly calendar widget that clashes with your website design!

We have made several significant improvements to our calendaring system that pave the way for things like multi-day events and more complex recurring events (both of which Google supports) so that we can display Google calendar events properly. With the new active import, Google calendars seamlessly connect to our calendar feature and display, just like any other feature, to match your design. And you don’t have to change your work flow- you still update your Google calendar as usual and the website calendar updates automatically.

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Meet Edlio Team Member Anni Baghdasarian. If you’re an Edlio client or employee, you’ve already heard or seen her name (which is definitely a little tricky to say or spell!). She’s probably talked with you about E-rate or payments or payroll. She’s our Finance Manager, which means she is good at all things math & numbers & spreadsheets (oh my!). She started at Edlio in 2008 so she’s something of an Edlio veteran. To all of us around the office, she’s kinda like a superhero that solves math problems and fights for the greater good. But all kidding aside, she is one of the most genuine, caring and generous individuals to ever grace our offices. (Plus, she is the best work BFF anyone could ever have!)

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South By Southwest’s Education Conference and Festival welcomes education professionals, and some of the brightest minds in edtech, to Austin, Texas. SXSWedu is a massive conference that pushes participants to connect, collaborate and create change in education. Participants range from teachers, administrators and professors to policy makers, foundations, startups, presidents of large publishing companies and everyone in between.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to learn and collaborate with some of best and brightest in the game, so our CEO, COO and VP of Product & Technology were also among the attendees. The conference included tons of forward-thinking presentations and informative sessions, but the highlight for many was Bill Gates’ closing keynote address!

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Here at Edlio we strive to create the best School Website CMS around. To do this we need a talented team of developers who never stop exploring computer science, even after they have degrees in hand. As a leading tech-company, we recognize how important it is to encourage future students to study computer science, so that we can hire them someday!

Our partnership with the Los Angeles based Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program has been a great way for us to do our part in helping increase the access local students have to the computer science field. Read more →

Meet Edlio Team Member, Qiana Patterson. Okay, maybe she isn’t a movie star, but it’s likely you recognize her name because Qiana is Edlio’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). It’s her signature you see at the bottom of any official Edlio correspondence, but she does way more than just sign important documents. Now, it’s time to learn all about the person whose name you see so frequently when working with Edlio.
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It’s widely acknowledged that today’s tech-savvy students learn differently than students in the past. Teachers know it’s necessary to reach their students in the most effective way and that’s where EdTech takes center stage.

EdTech, the acronym for Education Technology, is a growing topic and full of an expanding set of terminology. If you don’t have a new year’s resolution yet, I have the perfect one for you, dive head first into the world of EdTech. You won’t regret it!

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This year, as part of our Edlio Gives campaign, both our LA and Austin offices adopted families in need for the Christmas holiday.

Edlio- LA partnered with LA County Dept. of Public Social Services Adopt-A-Family program which matches sponsors with families that are undergoing a hardship during the holiday season.

Edlio-Austin participated in the Sponsor-a-Family Gift Drive for SafePlace, an amazing organization that takes in and offers shelter and security to families that have suffered domestic abuse.

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We’re thrilled to announce a reimagined mobile experience for your Edlio website. Now, when someone visits your Edlio-powered site from a mobile phone, they’ll see exactly what they would have seen from a desktop PC, but in a sharply redesigned look optimized for smaller screens. Read more →